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Dominated by the imposing Rocca di Corno and crossed by the ancient Roman road Iulia Augusta, Valle Ponci is an extraordinary valley, which has remained almost intact over the centuries. Although inhabited since prehistoric times, it has remained absolutely uncontaminated. A precious casket that contains in itself, in the immediate hinterland of Finale Ligure, historical, archaeological and naturalistic finds of immense value...

An extensive network of trails.

Valle Ponci is a fossil valley included in the Natura 2000 Network and in the Sites of Community Interest (SCI). In addition to an extensive network of trails, it offers bikers and hikers many unspoiled landscapes and authentic historical and archaeological treasures (the Via Iulia Augusta with its five Roman bridges, the Ciappa del Sale, the Fairy Cave, the Roman quarries, etc). On our farm, you will find books, maps, directions and advice related to the valley.

Spectacular cliffs.

Dominated by the imposing cliffs of Rocca di Corno, Valle Ponci seems to be a valley suspended in time, created especially for climbers. Some sectors of Rocca di Corno, in particular, sheltered from the winds and facing south-east, can be "easily" tackled even on cold winter days: in fact, a little sun is enough to bring the temperature of the gully to 5/6 ° above ambient temperature.

A journey through time.

Millions of years ago Valle Ponci was completely submerged by the sea: its "marine terraces" bearing ancient shore lines, and its cliffs rich in fossil shells (the famous Pietra del Finale) bear witness to this. The whole valley is also "pierced" by dozens of caves and caverns inside which traces of an ancient human presence have been found. But be careful: to visit the caves you need to be expert and organized

An excursion into history.

Crossed by the ancient Via Iulia Augusta with its 5 Roman bridges, built starting from 13 BC, Valle Ponci is one of the most important examples of Roman roads in Liguria.

And if we want to go even further back in time, just reach the grotto of the fairies, the grotta dell’Arma or the Ciappo del Sale, which tell us about human communities already present in prehistoric times.

And if all this is not enough for you...

The Finale area is characterized by a very varied coast, where free beaches alternate with spectacular rock walls overlooking the sea, fossil beaches cemented by the action of water, and sea caves of rare beauty. All features that, combined with the mild winter climate and the long waves that form after the peaks, make it one of the favorite destinations for surfing and diving enthusiasts.