we network: doing network to share passions.

To give you a chance to better organize your stay, taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by the wonderful land of Finale, we have created a local network of professionals who, like us, work with enthusiasm in the field of outdoor and services to tourism. Women and men who have made their passions a job, and their work a continuous emotion ...

Finale Ligure Alpine Guides

Vertical experiences.

Licensed professional guides and climbing courses. Both for experts, and for children and beginners

Shuttle service & bike rental

The adventure begins.

From transport services, to the best mtb, to the mechanic always available. The world made for bikers.

Outdoor Finale Ligure

Everything for outdoor activities.

From the sea to the mountains, from climbing to paragliding, the experiences multiply.
Scooter rental

In the saddle, safely.

Rent your scooter, and you won't have any traffic or parking problems. In addition, delivery and collection to your home.

Dog-friendly eco beach

A truly free beach.

The free equipped municipal beach, with low environmental impact and dog-friendly.

Vegan options in Finale Ligure and surroundings


From restaurants to pastry shops, from perfumeries to bakeries: Finale Ligure is the first vegan-friendly municipality in Italy.

Finale Ligure

The perfect place.

For those who want to know more about Finale Ligure, its historic villages, its beaches, its traditions, its territory.