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The Ligurian and Mediterranean tradition, a pinch of innovation, an unconditional love for local products.And then passion, curiosity and the "ethical" need to respect the seasons and nature.The result is genuine cuisine, light and scented with aromatic herbs.A kitchen that - as is the nature of the Ligurian - loves recover its past but, at the same time, want to open up to the world.To satisfy eyes and palate, awaken emotions and, if possible, surprise with new, unexpected combinations ...

In our menu there are always vegetarian and vegan dishes, but if you want a complete vegan menu, from appetizer to dessert, please notify us at the time of booking.

"You have to conquer it, this farmhouse behind Finalpia. So many curves but, once you arrive, the place is beautiful. And the wines, Pigato and Granaccia, have personality to spare. The kitchen is not afraid to experiment with some successful digressions, while remaining in the wake of tradition ".

From the "Guide to good things in Italy", First Volume, March 2021.

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Valle Ponci is a protected valley, with no fixed telephone line.This means that here credit card readers sadly don't work.