vegan proposal

Please note: this is just an example of our vegan cuisine.
Some vegan dishes are always present in our menu, but if you want a complete vegan menu, from appetizer to dessert, please notify us at the time of booking.

Mixed appetizer

 Panissa sautéed with red onions, chickpea hummus, creamy cashew cheese with Taggiasca olives, ratatuia, Russian salad, raw zucchini and avocado tartare, pumpkin and cannellini beans with turmeric, black cabbage toast, red beet tartare with vegetable yogurt and cumin seeds  (mix of 5 different starters)   € 12.00

First dishes
Cream of zucchini and mint with toasted almonds   € 10.00
 Cream of purple cabbage with caramelized apples   € 10.00
Zimin of chickpeas   € 10.00
 Testaroli with pesto   € 10.00
Tagliatelle with white soy ragu with saffron cream  € 12.00
 Lasagna with pumpkin and spinach   € 12.00

Main courses
Tempeh "alla Ligure" with vegetables from the garden with balsamic vinegar   € 16.00
Smoked spiced tofu with pea and almond cream    € 14.00
Chickpea Schiacciatine with mixed salad and vegetal yogurt sauce  € 14.00
Sautéed seitan with apples and porcini mushrooms on potato and leek cream  € 14.00


Spicy pears with Pigato with almond milk ice cream / Chocolate mousse / Coconut and lemon tart with fresh fruit / Almond milk ice cream with homemade limoncello   € 6.00

Bread, panizza and cover charge, per head  € 2.00